Behind the Name

The four star hotel „Euterpe“is unique by the history of its name. The complex of buildings with:

  • 35 rooms and suites;
  • a restaurant and bar;
  • a terrase;
  • a conference centre

The hotel rose up in archeological site of Darzu and Aukstoji Streets. Reflecting few epochs and gently combining into the architecture of the old town the ensemble of buildings takes pride in close neighborhood of the Drama Theatre, Castle court, music clubs and cozy old town boutiques.

The history of the hotel began in 2006 when a Renaissance tile with the bas-relief of Greek mythological Muse Euterpe playing the flute was found in the historical Friedrich‘s suburb where archeological explorations took place. It is assumed that impressed by the print Evterpe of the famous Dutch engraver Crispijn de Passe de Oude (1565 – 1637), the local craftsmen duplicated it on the furnace tiles. Therefore, at the turn of centuries the motives of Crispijn de Passe’s playing muse appeared in the homes of wealthy dwellers of Friedrich. Centuries later it experienced the second Renaissance and now decorates the lobby of the hotel “Euterpe”.  

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